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Our school is one of the 20 Steinerschools in Flanders, hosting a kindergarten and primary school. The aims of the school are educating children between 2,5 and 6 years old (kindergarten) and children between 6 and 12 years old (primary school) based on the Steiner pedagogy. The Steiner pedagogy is focused on the personal and social development of children in a well-balanced and free environment. It takes into account of the needs of the the child as a whole – academic, physical, emotional and spiritual. The education is based on an understanding of the relevance of the different phases of child development whereby the development of the love of learning and an enthusiasm for school are central.

We want to educate our pupils to become able young people who have a strong sense of self and diverse capacities that enable them to become socially and economically responsible world citizens and this with respect for other cultures. A foreign volunteer helps to achieve this goal. For the volunteer it’ll be a rewarding to observe and co-work the way our vivid community of teachers do coach the children and their responses to it. For our teachers it’s also a plus to be able to share their experience and to be in contact with other backgrounds and life experiences. We have worked with volunteers for over more than ten years. Therefore our school is used to welcoming foreign volunteer member to its staff and is very much willing and looking forward continuing these exchanges.

We are looking for a volunteer to be part of our staff in the first class of kindergarten (2,5-3 years old). The volunteer will be actively involved during her/his whole stay. The tasks will all be related to the follow-up and supervision of the children during their school day. The following tasks will certainly have to be performed:
– taking care of the preschoolers getting (un)dressed for the outdoor activities (we do a lot of outdoor activities even under bad weather conditions – in order to be able to do so, we’ve rain & mud equipement that our smallest children gradually need to learn to put on themselves, this is one of the skills they learn in the first class)
– recess duty: we have moments of free playing and directed playing. During both moments not only supervision but also observation of the development of the children is an important task of our staff. This would be a nice opportunity for the volunteer to prepare and develop some playtime activities.
– helping to prepare fruit and soup meals: healthy food is part of our education. Therefore our day starts with a fruit plate where the fruit is brought by the children and then peeled and shared between the pupils. 3 times a week we also prepare soup with fresh organic vegetables in our kindergarten classes together with the children.
– preparing and supervising the after lunch nap: we’re enthousiastic about the positive impact of a resting/sleeping moment for our kindergartners. Therefore, until 6 years old they all have a moment of rest on their mattresses after lunch.

Détails du programme

  • Type de programme
    • Teaching
    • Volunteering
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  • Programme individuel ou pour groupe?

Sont inclus dans le coût du programme:

  • Recherche d'une famille d'accueil
  • Service d'urgence 7j/7, 24h/24
  • Repas
  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Suivi continu
  • WE d'orientation durant le séjour
  • 70 ans d'expérience
  • Personne de contact individuelle
  • Transfert A/R jusqu'à la ville d'accueil
  • Transport domestique
  • Aide pour la demande de visa
  • Recherche du projet de volontariat
  • Cours de langue

Ne sont pas inclus dans coût du programme:

  • Frais de visa et de passeport
  • Vaccins
  • Excursions
  • Excursions culturelles